Posted by: jimlyons | October 7, 2013

Selling Your Home in the Fall.


When people think of buying or selling a home, they often associate springtime with sales. It’s true that spring is the busiest time of the year for real estate, with a surge in homes entering the market, and more buyers emerging to begin a home search. But did you know that fall is the second busiest time of the year for home sales?

Fall This fall is a particularly good time to think about putting your home on  the market if you’ve been considering a move. It’s a seller’s market right  now, with fewer properties available for buyers to choose from. And less  inventory on the market means that you have a greater chance of  making a sale. Meanwhile, though mortgage interest rates have been  rising, they are still very attractive. Savvy buyers are going to want to lock  in those rates before they climb any higher.

Fall is a particularly lovely time to sell a home. With shorter days and  cooler weather, it’s easy to make your home seem cozy and inviting to a  prospective buyer. If you have children, fall can be a great time to show  your home since the kids are back in school during the daytime and it’s  easier to keep rooms picked up. As with any other season, before you list  your home, it’s a good idea to clean and de-clutter each room. Sort  furnishings and belongings into the following categories: keep, toss, store,  and donate. De-personalize rooms by removing family photos and knickknacks and make your home a warm canvas open to a prospective buyer’s imagination. If necessary, do some repainting in warm, neutral colors.

Because of the change in weather and the dwindling hours of daylight, there are a few extra steps to take in the autumn months to ensure that your home will present well at showings. Step up your yard work efforts and make certain to clear fallen leaves and other debris regularly – it might be necessary to do a little of this sort of upkeep daily depending on the type of foliage you have in your yard and neighborhood. Take care that the front steps and walkways are clear for any buyers who might come by.

Fall is a beautiful season, so capitalize on its bounty. It isn’t difficult to place a few hanging baskets or planters of cheerful yellow mums to greet guests and buyers alike. A fall wreath transforms a front door into a warm welcome. Ears of Indian corn and pumpkins and gourds also speak to the season – as with everything, be tasteful and don’t overdo.

Inside your home, make sure there is plenty of warm lighting to showcase your home’s highlights and cheer up the shorter days. It’s a perfect time of year for the most welcoming of scents, like cinnamon, apples, and pumpkin, all of which make a home seem inviting.

If you’re thinking about selling this fall, there’s no time like the present to contact your real estate agent to get the ball rolling. Good luck!

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